Health, Safety & Environment

We have developed a culture of ethical standards, including the highest regard for the health, safety, welfare of employees and respect for the individual. These standards are reflected in the way we conduct our business. We are focused on implementing international standards for environmental, health and safety practices in all operations, improving conditions to protect our people and the local community, and lessening the environmental footprint of our operations. Bankers promotes a continuous clean-up philosophy to reduce environmental risks and improve the conditions of our assets.

Cumulative environmental spending

One of our main goals is to minimize our footprint and reduce impacts on the land. In Albania, we've invested over $70 million USD into environmental initiatives since we have started operating in the Patos-Marinza field, which has helped improve local environmental conditions and health and safety standards. Although Bankers is not liable for oil and surface contamination caused by legacy operations in the field, we have made it our responsibility to continuously remediate surface contamination and  waste generated from previous operators as well as our own to maintain international operating standards across our field. Additional environmental spending includes lease clean-ups and abandonment costs which are a part of our regular operations but which directly benefit the environment. Whether purchasing equipment or hiring contractors, we insist that they meet our safety and training standards. 

We often go beyond the boundaries of our own leases to help local farmers by cleaning their drainage channels and extending the reconstruction or repair of roads. We work closely with local communities to find optimal solutions for handling produced sand and rehabilitated soil. We are also exploring the feasibility of further treating the oil residue and soil to potentially utilize the treated materials as road pavement material. By focusing on remediation, monitoring, and assessment we are able to promote a continuous clean-up philosophy to improve conditions in the areas we operate.

We have developed a culture of ethical standards, including the highest regard for the health, safety, welfare of employees.