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Bankers Petroleum Ltd. (Bankers) is an international oil and gas exploration and production company committed to the responsible development of its world-class oil assets. With our technical team based in Albania, Bankers is an independent business unit operating its world-class Albanian and Eastern European assets.

At Bankers, we work hard to position ourselves as the partner of choice for Albania to operate the Country’s largest resource. Bankers has been able to use its expertise to produce more today than in the over 85 year history of the field. Over the past ten years Bankers has grown to be the largest foreign direct investor, the largest tax payer in Albania, and one of the largest employers. We have invested over $2 billion in Albania, more than doubled our reserves, and grown production to a peak of over 20,000 bopd prior to the fall in oil prices. 

While we are proud of our achievements to date, we continue to focus on executing our primary drilling, expanding our product margin, and the application of enhanced oil recovery techniques. Bankers is engineering our momentum for many years to come.

Albanian town
Bankers is engineering our momentum for many years to come.